Wow these are amazing. Can you do a One Direction one please?

Thank you :) what do you mean with that? xxx

and whaaat almost 2000 notes during night on preppy Louis ?? It wasn’t even that good but I’m glad you all like it :)) xxxx

28.Sep.14 2 days ago

i blame tumblr

So do you use a biro to draw? I'm off sick today and I feel like I want to do some drawing! Xoxo

Do you mean like a ballpoint pen with ink? I only use a mechanical pencil :) xxx

25.Sep.14 5 days ago

2/4 superderps done!


Your art is incredible- do you ever sell copies or prints? Or do commission pieces? I would LOVE to purchase something done by you xxx

thank you so much xxx

if you come back in beginning of october, there will be information on buying prints and requesting your own drawings! :) right now im too busy with school but i’ll start working on bunch of new stuff for you guys in few weeks! xxxx

13.Sep.14 2 weeks ago
dood, dooooood, i love your art so fucking much, like teach me your ways

Ahahahah thank youuuu :D just take a pen and start drawing idk :DD xxx

13.Sep.14 2 weeks ago

first piece for new 5sos series yay!


jesus, you are so incredibly talented!! thank you for sharing your art with all of us!

Thank YOU for sharing my art and helping me get more people to notice it xxxx

03.Sep.14 3 weeks ago
OMG I saw your drawings, you are so talented 💕x

Thank youu xxx

02.Sep.14 4 weeks ago
It will not let me send fan mail sry, but ur drawings are the best. thankyou

Thank you :) xx

28.Aug.14 1 month ago