If youre interested in getting one of these drawings for free, go read more on instagram @artbytaru xxx

ultimate girlcrush



Hey!! So we recently reached 500 followers and we were all like “why not make a blog awards thing to celebrate?” So here it is!!



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How to win:

The person with the most votes (likes/reblogs) will win!! So its all up to you guys so its fair!!

You can reblog this post, or your nomination post as much as you like!! it may increase your chances!!

What you win:

  • A follow from us even though we follow everyone back, so i guess everyone wins a follow back ahah
  • A spot on our “Brill Blogs” page which i will make soon…
  • Our love and friendship
  • And other things maybe :))

If you have any questions, just ask us here!! Or you could ask any of our admins on their blogs (list of admins are here) aaand all blog awards posts will be on the tag #blogawards :)) Look out for updates!!

I nominate artbytaru for best artist


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Thank you to whoever nominated me xx Vote for me please?? xx

09.Oct.14 1 week ago

Store is now available!

Finally I had time to put this up! Now you’re able to order prints of my drawings :) 

If you want to order a drawing that isn’t in the store or want to order other products than prints, message me or tweet me and I’ll add it :) xxx

07.Oct.14 1 week ago


I made this because I know some people just don’t know how to source and credit artworks properly. HERE IS HOW. Please spread the word so that many can learn and do the right thing :)

This has been a public service announcement x

07.Oct.14 1 week ago

4/4 finally done

Mike - Luke - Ash

"Harry rocks everything he does because he’s confident about it he’s truly an inspiration"